Democracy Maps Updates for August 2022

▸▸ Voting by mail

  • Ballot tracking for mail voting: Arizona passed legislation to improve the systems that allow voters to track the status of their absentee ballots. Under the new law, each county will be required to provide such a system. When voters can track their ballot they can be confident that their ballot was received, is secure, and will be counted.
Democracy Map on ballot tracking for mail voting
  • Voting by mail: Pennsylvania’s state Supreme Court rejected a lawsuit that sought to overturn the state’s mail-in voting law passed in 2019, meaning that voters in the state can continue to vote by mail.
  • No-excuse absentee voting: Delaware’s governor signed a law that implements no-excuse absentee voting in the state for the first time. The state Republican party has filed a lawsuit challenging the new absentee voting law, but the law remains in effect.
Democracy Map on no-excuse absentee voting
Democracy Map on the availability of online applications for absentee ball
  • Pennsylvania: Lawmakers failed to reach a compromise to allow absentee ballots to be processed in advance of Election Day, which has contributed to delayed election results in the state. Processing absentee ballots in advance involves taking steps such as verifying voter signatures and opening ballot envelopes so that counting can later be done more quickly; it does not include tallying of results in advance.
Democracy Map on the efficient processing of mail ballots

▸▸ Voting rights for formerly incarcerated people

As the result of a state court of appeals ruling in North Carolina involving felony disenfranchisement, people currently on probation and parole will register to vote. A final decision by the state’s highest court is still pending.

Democracy Map on voting rights for formerly incarcerated people

▸▸ Ballot drop boxes

Delaware’s governor signed a law allowing the use of ballot drop boxes. See our policy spotlight on ballot drop boxes.

▸▸ Same-day voter registration

Delaware: A new law took effect allowing same-day voter registration.

Democracy Map on voter registration deadlines

▸▸ Voter ID

Pennsylvania: Legislators also passed a law that represents the first step in an effort to put a measure on the ballot which would amend the state constitution to require voter ID. The Governor has filed suit alleging the process by which the legislation was passed violates state constitutional rules.

▸▸ Third-party ballot collection

Disabled voters in Wisconsin filed suit in federal court in response to the state supreme court’s decision which imposed severe restrictions on third-party ballot collection (in addition to effectively banning ballot drop boxes). The suit focuses on the ballot collection restrictions, which the plaintiffs argue violate numerous federal laws by disallowing the practice of family members or caregivers returning disabled voters’ ballots.

Democracy Map for third-party ballot collection

▸▸ Bans on private grant funding of election offices

Pennsylvania joined the growing number of states enacting bans on private grant funding for election administration. In a shift from other states passing these laws, legislators also reached a compromise with the Governor to include significant state funding for election administration as part of the bill.



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