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3 min readAug 30, 2022


The Movement Advancement Project’s LGBTQ equality maps have been a go-to resource for over a decade, and now our Democracy Maps project tracks 40+ laws and policies on elections and voting for each state and D.C.

With in-depth policy research, dynamic maps, and detailed state profiles, the Democracy Maps are a new tool for understanding election systems across the United States. Learn more about how to make the most of this resource.

Laws & Policies Tracked in the Democracy Maps

The categories of laws we track are related to voter registration, voting in person, election security, representation & participation, voting by mail, and independence & integrity of elections.

See the full list of laws and policies we track, grouped by category.

Issue-Specific Maps for 40+ Election and Voting Laws

The Democracy Maps are updated in real-time as policies change, and provide a quick visual overview of which states have adopted particular policies and nuances within that area of law or policy.

Democracy map examples for Automatic Voter Registration and Ballot Drop Box policies.

Individual State Democracy Profiles

The Democracy Maps project provides a detailed list of the state’s status on every election and voting law that we currently track to see which laws a state does or does not have in place.

The Democracy Profile for each state includes a quick snapshot of each state’s voting population, electoral statistics, and how the state ranks across the categories of policies we track. Each state also has an overall democracy score.

Sample portions of state democracy profiles for North Carolina and Ohio

Ways to Use the Democracy Maps as a Resource

Embed the dynamic maps: The Democracy Map for each issue we track is freely embeddable. Because the maps are updated in real-time, when policies change, the maps will also automatically update on any website where they are embedded.

Directions on how to embed a Democracy Map onto any website.

Download state profiles as fact sheets: Each state profile can be downloaded as a fact sheet. (See examples of downloadable fact sheets for Florida and New Hampshire.)

See state-by-state comparisons on election policies: The Democracy Maps can be a tool to show how a specific state looks compared to other states or to provide a straightforward count of the nationwide landscape for any given law or policy. The maps can also be used to show where certain policies are gaining traction nationwide.

Track the democracy rating for each state: Each state is rated for an overall democracy tally score, and a score for each policy category we track.

Check the population impacted by policies: Each map includes population percentages impacted by the policy. This shows, for example, what percentage of the population lives in a state with automatic voter registration or access to no-excuse absentee voting.

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Democracy Maps

Democracy Maps tracks more than 50 laws and policies on elections and voting. Project of Movement Advancement Project, an independent, nonprofit think tank.